Douglas Fitzpatrick has worked on many successful projects for influential media and educational organizations. He is passionate about using his communication and copywriting skills to inform and inspire  businesses to boost sales, enhance leads and trigger revenue and ROI multipliers. His work has often focused on helping businesses get clients and tutoring businesses on how to get clients including Copywriting, Website Audit, White Papers, Case Studies and Web Copy.

Douglas is an excellent content marketing strategist and copywriter with many clients under his belt. He produces content that compels business clients to care and respond. Douglas’s work has reached millions of people around the world, both in print and online.

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Work Examples

* Douglas works with the Collin County College Advancement Center of Well-Being at Collin County College and the e-business media club at Collin College to provide excellent web copy for local businesses. He communicates about the latest research in Content Marketing and search engine optimization and well-being field and produces compelling stories about well-being experiences in people’s lives.

* Douglas has written two ebooks of the largest inspirational sites online, amazon.com, since 2001. Amazon.com has hundreds of Douglas’s past articles in its searchable archives. Here are links to a few of his many Amazon.com articles on content marketing and website design:

* Douglas has created and produced the best-value-electronics site for Google for five years. The site proved to be popular with readers worldwide. Douglas grew the site to reach about 350,000 page views per month by the end of the site’s active season. Readers can still enjoy articles about how to make lots of sales on the internet and legal ramifications of the internet on the archived site. Here are links to some of the many articles that relate to well-being:

* Many of the articles Douglas has written on website design and legal ramifications of the internet are available on www.best-value-electronics.com and amazon.com.

* Douglas is the author of the inspirational novel Twitter Implosion, which is set during The Internet’s golden age.

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