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Copywriting Is The Engine That Drives Business.

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Put your Money Making Business Plan Together with a  proven copywriter that will help you connect with, and convert prospects. Leveraging your taglines. brochures, billboards, emails, catalogs with proven converting content, and proven marketing methods, will increase your business exposure. Understanding copywriting is a completely different and unique medium, is the first step to your success.
Relevance presented with content that converts is key to increased sales.

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Thinking Outside The Tea Box

In this report you’ll learn:

1. Creative Ways to Increase Revenue

2. Why thinking differently about your business plan gives you an

3. Show you how other businesses have implemented successful

4. How to reconnect with clients, increase sales and your
bottom line

5. How to increase profits from your business exposure

Hello, Douglas Fitzpatrick here.

A background in copywriting, website design, and marketing along with a family tradition of tennis, lend to my unique qualifications. and web design skills Just as duty and veracity are integral to the game of tennis, these traits help define who I am.

Personal development and critical thinking has lead to proven marketing methods, winning website design and proven client income in copywriting from customers. Douglas provided design and copywriting services on multimillion dollar web design projects.

Douglas has nurtured leadership in both the business world and community involvement. Leading an organization through the affiliate and incorporation process he was the first president of Best-Value-Electronics. He also served as the Chairman of the landscaping committee of the Westridge Townhome Association in McKinney, Texas. As the chairman he guided the board through many local and state issues.

I believe athletics and proven converting web content coaching are great metaphors for life. These skills and abilities have served to ingrain in me, among many other things, the importance of human relations and teamwork. Besides his passion for  tennis, Douglas plays tennis competitively and has thousands of hours of tennis experience. The importance of integrity and teamwork and coaching clients  on effective strategies for winning customers has always served as my north star.

To learn more about how I can help your business, visit my bio page, read my portfolio
and take a look at a few samples. You can contact me online or reach me by phone at 214-551-4429.

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