Writing. Anyone can do it, right? Well, yes, but not everyone can do it right. This article isn’t about what anyone can do, it’s about who does it best.

Finding a good copywriter isn’t always easy. Everyone with a high school diploma, technically, has the skill set required to be a writer, but much in the same way that everyone with at least one arm and one eye has the skill set required to play basketball. So, when the businesses, individuals, and websites of the world need the right words delivered on a deadline, they turn to the web’s best copywriters.

Anyone can write something great, given enough time, and anyone can write something quickly, given they’re not too worried about how good it is. The ranks of people who can write something excellent, quickly, are a bit thinner. The people who can wake up in the morning and do that over and over every day for multiple clients are the elite.

The people who can pull it off are the best copywriters on the internet, and I am one of the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for a writer or looking to be one, take a look around my site, see what I am doing  and read up on the advice I am willing to share—it contains some really great info.

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of blogging. But just in case you haven’t: they’re significant and tied directly to your bottom line.

According to Marketo, 96 percent of people who visit a website are not ready to buy. Blogging helps you give them the info they need to feel comfortable asking to learn more.

According to HubSpot, B2B companies that posted 11 or more blog posts a month, received 3x as many leads as companies of the same size that blogged less.

Not only do blog posts improve your SEO rankings, they do well on social media. More and more people are getting content directly from theirs social media channels.

The Value of Hiring Me to Write Your Copyrighting and Blogging

As powerful as blogging is, people rarely implement it effectively. Most people start to blog, and then quit after a while because they don’t see the ROI they expect. It’s unfortunate, because a languishing blog looks shady. It sends a subtle message about lacking follow-through.

To get paying clients from your blog, it’s got to be done right. And that’s ultimately what you need, isn’t it? Paying clients.

It means giving away valuable information, while also showing people they need to know more. Not that they need just any more information though, the right information.

There’s an art to creating questions while sharing knowledge. That’s one of the secrets to a successful blog post writer and copyrighter.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Blogging and Copyrighting ASAP

If you’re not blogging as I’ve described, you’re already a bit behind (and missing out). I can write SEO-optimized blog posts for you from scratch, create a monthly calendar of topics and keywords for your team, or edit existing posts for you. There are a ton of ways I can help you blog like a pro with measurable results. Learn more today, by calling (214) 551-4429.

Four Copywriting Do’s

  1. DO! Use symbols in place of words: *, &, $.
  2. DO! Use numerals in place of written numbers: 7, not “seven”

1. DO! Use symbols in place of words: +, &, $
Eyes scan before they read. Eyes glaze over letters shoved together.
Eyes look for the easiest to consume information first. Which means eyes often need to see “&” or “+” not “and”……. and “$” or “$$$” not necessarily “money”, “dollars”, or “savings”.

2. DO! Use numerals in place of written numbers: 7, not “seven”
For the same reasons as the above, use numerals! This is very important, given that numbers in your copy usually speak to data (persuasive).
DO tell people it’s ideal for them, like AgoraPulse does on their home page:

who is it for image

3 DO! Scrap your first ideas The headline you first write will almost never be the headline that actually makes it onto your home page, Pricing page, Contact page, etc.


Ernest Hemingway
4. If copywriting is like any form of ‘real’ writing, it’s like writing children’s books.
It has captivating tone, short words, short sentences, and relevant images.

It is formatted to be easily consumed and digested.

Its typography turns the seen word into what it means. (Which is pure genius.)

It is, above all else, easy to read and easy to remember.

If you can write like that, you’re GOLD. Big DO.